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You're Invited To SeaWorld's 50th Anniversary Celebration

It’s been a half-century since SeaWorld—now easily one of the world’s most famous oceanariums and theme parks—first opened its doors in our fair city, and this year the company’s celebrating that notable anniversary in a big way.

The Sofia Hotel is a short ride away from SeaWorld San Diego up on the edge of Mission Bay—we’ll make a great home base while you join in on the party!

SeaWorld San Diego

The aquarium park that opened in San Diego on March 21, 1964—originally envisioned, actually, as an underwater eatery—was the very first SeaWorld facility; now, of course, there are branches in Orlando and San Antonio as well as various other affiliated theme parks. At first, SeaWorld San Diego housed only a few dolphins and sea lions, but within two years had acquired the first of its iconic killer whales, the famous Shamu.

In the many decades since, SeaWorld San Diego has expanded hugely. The modern park includes separate stadiums for its orcas, dolphins, sea lions, and otters as well as saltwater aquariums for other marine life such as sea turtles and sharks. There are also plenty of rides (including the well-known Journey to Atlantis) and other entertainment attractions for all ages.

Among the many special events planned for 2014 to coincide with SeaWorld’s 50th anniversary are expanded on-the-fly encounters with “animal ambassadors” such as flamingoes and eagles as well as “Surprise Squads” roaming the grounds with plenty of prizes for visitors. In addition, you’ll be treated to festive parades, performances, concerts, and a brand new evening killer whale show.

The Sofia to SeaWorld in a Flash

Reaching SeaWorld from the Sofia Hotel in downtown San Diego is quick and easy: It’s a straight-shot drive up to Mission Bay from our doorstep, or you can hop on a bus or trolley for even greater convenience.

If you’re headed to San Diego to take part in SeaWorld’s big anniversary “splash,” consider an elegant room at the beautiful and historic Sofia for your stay—you won’t find better accommodations in the city!