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Watch Artists Sculpt 300 Tons Of Sand At The US Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exposition

Sand Sculpture

One of San Diego’s truly special events is fast approaching: the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exposition!

From August 29 through September 1, the B Street Cruise Terminal will transform into a temporary beach as the greatest sand sculptors from all across the globe descend on San Diego to square off against one another.

You’ll almost have front-row seats at the Sofia Hotel: We’re just a half-mile from the sandy stage and all its magnificent creations!

Best of the Best

Thirteen sand-sculpting World Masters are participating in this year’s Challenge. Among them are Helena Bangert of the Netherlands, Michela Ciappini of Italy, JOOHeng Tan of Singapore, and California’s own, much-decorated Rusty Croft, who was 2012’s Grand Prize winner.

Along with the World Masters Class matchup, there’ll be professional teams competing in the Cool California Carvers Class.

The end results, which depict a wild diversity of impeccably rendered figures and structures, tip the scales at better than 10 tons each. Their beauty and engineering must be seen firsthand to be believed.

Other Fun in the Sand

While the sculptures are understandably the main attraction, the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge has plenty of other things going on during its four-day run. Other craftspeople will be displaying and selling artwork of a more durable character than the inherently ephemeral sand-grain masterpieces.

There’ll be heaps of live entertainment, from circus acrobats to bands, and an exquisite lineup of food trucks covering a mouthwatering spectrum of international cuisine.

Younger visitors, meanwhile, will have lots of games and activities to occupy them, along with hands-on sand-sculpture classes and a sandbox to hone their skills.

Sand Artistry and the Sofia Hotel

When you’re not appreciating the dexterity and ambition of those beachfront Michelangelos, you’ll have an elegantly designed and blissfully comfortable room at the historic Sofia Hotel for recharging. And you’ll have a blast recounting the day’s sights over a relaxed, sumptuous dinner at our Currant American Brasserie.

Book yourself a room with us today to participate in all the Labor Day fun at the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exposition!