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The Sofia Hotel Gives Thanks To Our Wonderful Customers

We’ve got an awful lot to be thankful about this season here at the Sofia Hotel.

Thankful for our hard-working staff, for our wonderful partners at Currant American Brasserie, for the splendid and supportive city of San Diego we lovingly call home.

And, of course, our gratitude to our patrons is downright bottomless. Here at the Sofia, we cherish each and every one of our guests: longtime regulars and brand-new faces alike!

It’s immensely gratifying for us to continue the longstanding tradition of hospitality embedded in the Sofia Hotel’s brick-and-mortar fabric. Its stunning renovation in the mid-2000s inaugurated a brand-new chapter for this grand old building, born as the Pickwick Hotel back in 1926. It’s amazing to think how many guests over these many decades have enjoyed our hotel’s convenient downtown setting, its warm and luxurious décor, and the unfailingly devoted service of its personnel. That legacy serves as daily inspiration for each and every one of us here at the Sofia. We make our patrons feel thoroughly welcome within our stately walls because they truly are: We genuinely consider them part of the Sofia family.

This Thanksgiving, we hope you celebrate all that you’re grateful for in life—and we hope you’re able to do so in the company of those you love and cherish. And know that we’re deeply honored to provide you with such top-tier accommodations whenever you’re in San Diego—and deeply appreciative of your business.

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of our guests! Come stay with us again soon at the Sofia—we look forward to welcoming you back!