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The Glory Man at Lamb's Players Theatre Through Nov 7

The Glory Man

$22 – $5
10/01/10 – 11/14/10 Clarence Jordan, author of “The Cotton Patch Gospel,” was a preacher and Greek scholar who left academia to found Koinonia Farm, an unconventional racially-integrated community in the deep South of the 1940s. He soon found that he was not just up against the Klan, but religious bigots and the entire culture that surrounded him. THE GLORY MAN brings to life not only his story, but the sights and sounds of an entirely authentic rural Southern world. A play with music reminiscent of films like O Brother, Where Art Thou, steeped in the infectious sounds of Appalachian Roots music and Gospel, this world premiere from associate artist Dennis Hassell (A Divine Comedy) will inspire audiences with the true-life story of an American original, and his legacy, which included the start of Habitat for Humanity.