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Enjoy Street Performances of Every Description at the Spring Busker Festival in Seaport Village

Enjoy Street Performances of Every Description at the Spring Busker Festival in Seaport Village

Street Performers at Busker Festival

Sword-swallowers, fire-jugglers, chair-stackers, living statues, curbside musicians, contortionists: There’s a centuries-old, globe-spanning tradition of performing for the masses on the street and passing the hat—or merely playing for some applause.

Buskers, as these sundry street performers are called—from buscar, Spanish for “to search”—bring art and entertainment directly to the people. And the upcoming annual San Diego’s Spring Busker Festival is the only organized celebration of the noble idiom in Southern California.

The gravity-defying and side-splitting fun goes down just blocks from the Sofia Hotel at Seaport Village, so book your guestroom at one of the very best San Diego hotels and admire the skills of some of the finest street performers in the country firsthand!

The 2018 Spring Busker Festival

This year’s Spring Busker Festival takes place Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th from noon to 6 PM, with the popular “Buskers After Dark” event returning on Saturday from 7 to 10 PM.

You’re guaranteed spectacle and an all-around good time, given the caliber of performers on the roster. An elite lineup of buskers will be competing for the 2018 People’s Choice Award. They include the stunt-and-stilt-heavy comedy duo Allez Oops!; Sara Kunz with her impressive contortions, hula-hooping, and unicycling; pogo-sticking of the daredevil order courtesy of Wacky Chad; the one-man circus called Dango; and a number of others.

Non-competing acts on hand for the Spring Busker Festival this year include the didgeridoo player Mitchell Walker, San Diego “rock-balancer” Rabindra Sarkar, and Eddy the Silver Statue.

There’s no admission fee, but the street performers will be working mighty hard for tips!

The Clay Colton Band will supply live music for the occasion, while painter Kelsey Montague will be creating a new, original mural in the center courtyard of The Headquarters right before festivalgoers’ eyes on both weekend days from noon to 4 PM.

Buskers After Dark

Saturday night supplies afterhours 18-and-over entertainment with “Buskers After Dark,” which’ll include performances by Dango, the Lynx Variety Show, Wacky Chad, and the Circus Mafia as well as a live DJ. You’ll cheer along the fire-juggling and acrobatics with festive bevvies (including beer and wine) and enjoy good eats as well.

Celebrate the Art of Busking With a March Stay at the Sofia Hotel

Every year the Spring Busker Festival brings something new to the table thanks to its wildly talented and very often hilarious performers. Experience the busking bounty this March 3rd and 4th, and call the Sofia Hotel just a stroll away from Seaport Village home while you do.