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Try The Latest Fitness Trend To Hit San Diego: Stand Up Paddleboarding!

If you’ve spent much time on any calm-water coast lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a devotee of one of the fastest-growing watersports around: standup paddleboarding, or SUP. Perhaps you’re even a devotee yourself. Whether you’re an experienced paddleboarder or you’re interested in giving the activity a try, you couldn’t ask for a better playground for this lovely nearshore pastime than San Diego!

That’s on account of the placid waters of San Diego Bay and our plentiful seacoast coves, not to mention our famously benign climate. SUP here is a joy: feasting on views of the San Diego skyline, lively beaches, or serene coastal bluffs while getting a laidback, full-body workout.

Modern SUP is an outgrowth of surfing, although people have been employing similar modes of locomotion—paddling while standing erect in a pirogue or canoe, for instance—for thousands of years. Adrenaline junkies can standup paddleboard alongside wave-riders in San Diego’s glorious surf breaks; flatwater SUP, meanwhile, is meditatively calm, suitable for novice and expert paddlers alike.

Besides being a sport open to just about anyone, SUP also appeals for its fitness payoff. Even if you’re just out for a tranquil morning cruise, you’ll be working arms, shoulders, abs, and legs as you slice along with subtle maintenance of balance.

As the popularity of SUP has exploded, businesses and clubs devoted to the sport in San Diego have similarly blossomed. You can easily find shops that rent all the equipment you need, and there are plenty of instructional classes available for learning the basics along the San Diego County waterfront. In spots such as La Jolla, one of the more popular settings for SUP, you may even spot a little wildlife—rays or leopard sharks, for instance—while you’re out paddling!

Here at the Sofia, we can’t wait to welcome you back after a day out on the waters, getting hooked by SUP! Cap off your blissful paddling with a meal or nightcap at Currant Brasserie—and a cozy, comfy bed in your Sofia guestroom!