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Thanksgiving Wishes From the Sofia Hotel

The Sofia Hotel

In this Thanksgiving season, we here at the Sofia Hotel are feeling so very grateful to all of our guests and our staff: the people who make this grand landmark the magical place that it is.

Day in and day out, we have the immense delight of introducing new Sofia guests to the many and varied joys of San Diego—and serving, too, as a friendly home-away-from-home for those who’ve regularly stayed with us. It’s our job to show our patrons the richest and warmest hospitality, whether they’re here for work, pleasure, or some combination thereof. We’re deeply indebted to each and every one of them: They make our job such a pleasure.

The Sofia Hotel’s woven into the fabric of downtown, launched as it was back in 1926 as the Pickwick. We’re proud of that history, and we honor it in both our everyday service and our long-range vision as a business. Part of nodding to that heritage is a recognition of how grateful we are to the city itself: Perched as we are in the heart of one of San Diego’s most vibrant districts, we feed off our neighborhood’s energy—and we try to add to it in our own special way, too.

And of course we’re nothing without our devoted and tireless staff: the folks who keep the Sofia Hotel up and running each and every day. We raise a very hearty Thanksgiving glass to them, and thank them for their incredible efforts. We extend that same level of gratitude to our wonderful restaurant partner, Currant American Brasserie, which keeps our guests so fantastically well fed!

To all of you in the extended Sofia Hotel family, we hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and wish you very happy holidays in the weeks to come. And we hope to see you right here at our historic establishment again soon!