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Take A Harbor Cruise For Stunning Views of Downtown

One of the best ways to appreciate San Diego’s singular beauty and ocean-defined geography is to get out onto our world-famous harbor. And when you stay with us at the Sofia Hotel, you’re just blocks from where the outstanding daily harbor cruises embark.

For preeminent views of San Diego’s downtown skyline—and to experience a whole slew of other on-the-water delights—take a spin out on the bay!

Sightseeing From the Harbor

You’ve got your choice of one- or two-harbor voyages from the downtown waterfront. The shorter outings journey either to Point Loma or past the Coronado Bridge for a survey of the United States Pacific Fleet and the Navy Seals Training Base. Both offer exceptional scenery, and with the two-hour cruise you get to combine the two routes for maximum sightseeing.

Besides the naval landmarks, the beauty of the Point Loma coastline, and the architectural elegance of the 200-foot-tall Coronado Bridge, you’ll relish the unbeatable perspective of the San Diego cityscape from the harbor—not to mention the opportunity to spot sea lions, seabirds, and other marine wildlife. (And speaking of critters, there are also special whale-watching cruises available through the same operators.)

San Diego wouldn’t be the vibrant metropolis it is without the deepwater port of its bay. A big part of our history here in “America’s Finest City” is the fishing, shipping, and naval legacy based around this lovely harbor, and taking to the local waters for an hour or two is a wonderful way to get some richer sense for that Pacific Ocean heritage.

Cruising Basics

Though San Diego Bay is typically calm and placid, you’ll still want to suit up for the elements when you set off for a harbor cruise. You’ll want suitably warm clothing to combat the breeze as well as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a well-secured hat.

From the Sofia Hotel, you’re just a few minutes’ stroll from the cruise terminal along North Harbor Drive. In other words, we’re about the most convenient accommodations for San Diego Bay cruising as you could ask for! Come stay with us in one of San Diego’s most beautiful and history-steeped hotels, and take to the sun-splashed harbor for some unforgettable sightseeing!