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Surf San Diego: A Tidal Wave of Fun

Surf San Diego: A Tidal Wave of Fun

Best Season For Surfing In San Diego

Surfing is part of San Diego’s DNA, of course, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that some world-class surfing competitions go down along our sun-burnished shores.

This weekend a jaunt from the Sofia (one of the leading downtown SanDiego hotels) up to Oceanside will take you to the biggest women-only board-riding contest on the globe: Supergirl Surf Pro!

Elite Wave-Riding Action at Supergirl Surf Pro

This 10th annual running of the awesome affair sees hundreds of some of the most adept surfboarders anywhere—from Carissa Moore (three-time Women’s World Tour Champion) to Malia Manuel (who claimed the U.S. Open of Surfing as a 14-year-old in 2008)—take the breaks off Oceanside Pier. The action begins today and runs through Sunday evening.

More Than Just Surf Breaks

The top-of-the-line surfing itself obviously takes center stage at Supergirl Surf Pro, but the event’s three days come chockablock with other goings-on: from yoga and Zumba classes to super-impressive all-female skateboarding and DJ matchups.

Besides those talented DJs, tune-age will come in ready supply thanks to a well-trodden main stage: The 2017 Supergirl Surf Pro concert series will feature Bea Miller, Aaron Carter, Mittens, Katelyn Turner, and many other performers.

Throw in loads of food trucks, a boisterous wine and beer garden, and assorted vendors, and you’ve got an action-packed celebration of phenomenal athleticism and summertime fun-in-the-sun, San Diego County-style.

More than 150,000 spectators beeline for Oceanside to watch the Supergirl Surf Pro contest firsthand, while millions more tune into televised coverage. For directions and parking info, click here; you can also look into public transportation such as the San Diego COASTER train.

Surfer’s Delight at the Sofia Hotel

Even if you don’t make the day trip to Oceanside to watch this weekend’s Supergirl Surf Pro underway, primo accommodations at the Sofia, a standout among downtown SanDiego hotels, gives you ready access to the perfect beaches to do a little surfing yourself. The best season for riding the waves is fast approaching!