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Superhero-Worthy Sofia Spa Specials in Honor of Comic-Con!

Comic Con San Diego

Comic-Con International’s about to get underway again in San Diego, and here at the Sofia we’re ready to welcome all of you costumed (and not) attendees!

The genuinely iconic extravaganza, one of the biggest yearly shindigs in America’s Greatest City, delivers an almost unbelievable amount of fun, spectacle, and fandom over its four full days. From speakers and film previews to the well-known Masquerade contest, it’s a lot to take in, no question. Fortunately, the Sofia’s the perfect place for mid-convention pick-me-ups—and not just because of the beauty sleep you’ll be nabbing in your room and the delicious meals you’ll be savoring at Currant American Brasserie.

For some hardcore (and high-value) Comic-Con rejuvenation, we’re also offering a pair of superhero-caliber spa specials all this month:

“Supernatural”: Your Mystical, Magical Therapist Will Make You a Believer! (60 minutes, $140)

This wonderfully indulgent session kicks off with a half-hour of crowning head-and-neck work, and then transitions into a massage of equal length in the areas of your choice: back, feet, hands, legs, or arms. In other words, here’s a head-to-toe bliss-out that’ll get you ready for more pop-culture action over at the Convention Center.

“Masked Marvel”: Hide Your True Identity No Longer! (2 hours, $250)

Crank up the R&R with this two-hour combo featuring a 60-minute facial (men’s or women’s) and a 60-minute full-body massage. As deeply relaxing as they come, the “Masked Marvel” workover includes the Sofia’s proprietary aromatherapy antidote as well.

Let our top-of-the-line therapists unknot those tissues, move that lymph and blood around, and ease you into one irresistible pool of calm and serenity. Whether you’re taking part in the world-famous extravaganza that is Comic-Con San Diego—or you’re simply paying the Sofia Hotel a July visit—don’t miss out on these awesome spa deals!