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Quick Tips on Keeping Resolutions


  • If something is really hard for you, resolve to just do it for just a month, a week, or on Tuesdays. Accomplishing even a small portion of a difficult goal will be a sweet victory.


  • You don’t have to (nor can you, really) go from couch potato to marathon runner, or from straight Ds to straight As, overnight. If you need to take some baby steps to get to your goal, let those baby steps be your resolutions.


  • Make goals and resolutions that cover your happiness, too – like having hang time with friends, or five minutes of uninterrupted relaxation every day. That’s certainly just as important as your grades, chores, or whatever less-fun stuff is on your list.


  • Use the buddy system. Get your family and friends in on this with you. They can cheer you on, motivate you, and even help reward you for jobs well done.