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Hamilton at the San Diego Civic Theatre: Make It Dinner & a Show With Accommodations at the Sofia!

Currant American Brasserie Restaurant The Sofia Hotel

One of the most talked-about musicals in modern times is currently dazzling audiences at the San Diego Civic Theatre, a few easy blocks from the Sofia Hotel!

We’re talking, of course, about Hamilton, Lin Manuel-Miranda’s much-decorated Broadway telling of American statesman Alexander Hamilton’s life. The Civic Theatre’s production, which runs through January 28th, is (unsurprisingly) sold out. If you’ve got tickets for this history-lesson-as-thrilling-live-entertainment, we invite you to enjoy accommodations at one of the most beautiful San Diego hotels—and combine the onstage spectacle with a sumptuous meal at our on-site partner restaurant, Currant American Brasserie!

Hamilton: Meteor of a Musical

Manuel-Miranda premiered Hamilton in early 2015 at New York City’s Public Theater, having been inspired to write the musical after reading Ron Chernow’s biography of the Founding Father, the USA’s first Secretary of the Treasury. It debuted on Broadway that summer and the rest is pretty much history: Hamilton quickly became an all-out cultural phenomenon.

The infectious rapped and sung score tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s journey to the American colonies from his West Indian birthplace and his pivotal participation in the American Revolution and the formative days of the United States, as well as his fateful relationship with rival Aaron Burr. Lyrics and melodies alike astound in the vivacious numbers, which include “My Shot,” “Alexander Hamilton,” and “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”—the whole saga adding up to both historical narrative and profound meditation on American identity.

Hamilton racked up box-office records, critical plaudits, and a slew of awards, including more than 10 Tonys, “Best Musical” and “Best Original Score” among them.

Make It Dinner & Hamilton With a Stay at the Sofia Hotel

With a lovely guestroom at the Sofia—one of the outstanding hotels in San Diego—you’re not just getting plush and decked-out accommodations within a stone’s throw from the Civic Theatre: You’re also getting readymade dinner options for your Hamilton night out in downtown San Diego! A mouthwatering blend of French inspiration and American creativity, the Currant menu always delivers (and then some), as does the splendid ambiance and warm-spirited service. Maybe you can talk advantage of the daily happy hour, offered from 3 to 7 PM…

If you’re the lucky holder of tickets for Hamilton at the San Diego Civic Theatre this January, give yourself world-class lodgings just blocks away at the Sofia Hotel—and a meal worthy of the musical’s epic sweep at Currant American Brasserie! Make your reservations for dinner and lodgings today.