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Got Rhythm? Got Beer? Check Out San Diego Rhythm & Brews!

Four Beer Varieties

Greater San Diego’s famous around the country for its craft-beer scene, which can definitely hold its own with any in the world. Staying at the Sofia—a top-caliber San Diego Hotel and Spa*—you’re strategically positioned to enjoy this hoppy and sudsy galaxy, what with all the downtown-area breweries and pubs at your fingertips.

If you’re willing to travel just a little farther afield, meanwhile, there’s a fabulous celebration of both regional and national microbrews of the finest kind about to go down up in the charming North County city of Vista Village.

It’s San Diego Rhythm & Brews, the San Diego Brewers Guild’s annual springtime beer-full bonanza, underway Saturday, May 6 from 1 to 4 PM. (VIP ticket-holders enjoy special noon entry.)

The festival benefits the San Diego Brewers Guild, dedicated to promoting and supporting the beer-makers of San Diego County, plus the Brazilian Institute for Arts & Culture, which (among other things) holds the West Coast’s biggest Brazilian festival.

Parade of Outstanding Beer

In additional words, you can feel good about participating in the proceedings. Moreover, what exactly are the proceedings? Well, let’s tackle the “Brews” first off.

In that department, you’ve got more than 100 varieties of beer hailing from better than 50 of the greatest craft breweries in the United States—all of them Golden State outfits. Among those, naturally, will be loads of highly regarded Southern California craft breweries, among them Stone Brewing, Coronado Brewing, Burning Beard, and Prohibition Brewing (based right there in Vista).

Rest assured there’ll be quite the spectrum of stylistic territory covered among those 100-plus beers: from the most quenching pilsners and hops-loaded IPAs to the silkiest porters and most lip-puckering sours.

Beer-Friendly Tunes

So that is the beer side of things; what about the Rhythm? Well, the Brewers Guild shindig is just about as good a showcase for local music as it is for local suds. A trio of San Diego musical acts will be providing the inspiring soundtrack for all the dedicated beer appreciation going down in the crowd. Singer-songwriter Ashley Hollander will bring some rootsy passion to the stage to start things off, followed up by the funky and soulful R&B of the Tighten Ups and the alternative rock of P.O.D.

Rhythm & Brews Grub

Rounding out the Rhythm & Brews offerings, an excellent and varied battalion of local food trucks. Ensuring it’s not simply your appetite for a top-caliber beer that’s being tended to.

Intrigued? You can buy tickets (either VIP or General Admission) right here, and you can scheme out your public transportation options with the North County Transit District’s SPRINTER light-rail schedule.

The San Diego Rhythm & Brews Festival is a premier way to survey great regional beer. Remember, though, that a stay at the one-of-a-kind San Diego Hotel and Spa called the Sofia gets you up close and personal with some of the best breweries in the world any time!

*While the Sofia Hotel doesn’t have a full-service spa, we do offer a spa treatment room (plus in-room spa services).