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Celebrate "Earth Day on the Bay!"

Credit: NASA ESA

Looking for an appropriate way to pay homage to our splendid blue planet this coming Earth Day? We’ve got the perfect idea: the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s “Earth Day on the Bay” event!

Actually, the fete isn’t on Earth Day proper—rather, the Sunday following, April 24. From 10 AM to 4 PM, the Museum will be admission-free and hosting, inside and along its streetfront, some wonderful no-charge eco-oriented activities and exhibits alongside food vendors and other fun. Given we’re mere blocks from the museum’s perch along Waterfront Park, make the Sofia Hotel your springboard for taking part in this big love letter to our biosphere!

Earth Day Exhibits

One of the linchpins of Earth Day on the Bay is a current exhibit at the Maritime Museum: FRAGILE WATERS. The installation, which opened in March and runs until mid-September, evokes the beauty and mystery of the water cycle—among the defining threads stitching our planet together—through the powerful images of three outstanding photographers: Ansel Adams, Dorothy Kerper Monnelly, and Ernest H. Brooks II. High-country snowpack, sky-strung clouds, coastal wetlands, ocean depths: FRAGILE WATERS showcases the many forms and realms of one of Earth’s most precious resources.

You’ll also be able to experience the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Experience, which introduces kids to the basics of watersheds and the complex threats they face in the 21st century via interactive displays and activities, including a 4-D theater spectacle.

Cruising the Bay

San Diego Bay, our fair city’s defining natural landmark, laps at the Maritime Museum’s front steps, and Earth Day on the Bay will also give you the opportunity to get out on the water to soak up our harbor’s splendor firsthand! For a small fee, there’ll be 45-minute cruises aboard the historic Pilot (a working harbor boat from 1914 to 1996) as well as hourlong voyages on the gorgeous tall-ship schooner Californian. The bay cruises will be edifying, too, courtesy of an onboard naturalist.

Show Mother Nature Some Love!

We’d be happy to host you here at the Sofia Hotel this Sunday for Earth Day on the Bay. And don’t forget that the Maritime Museum’s a great destination year-round for learning more about San Diego’s deep relationship with the Pacific; the Museum offers bay cruises regularly, and FRAGILE WATERS, as we noted, will be there through late summer.

Happy Earth Day from the Sofia Hotel!